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Training Time

We completed training with the county and are scheduled to be apart of the annual homeless census count for Oakdale. I find it concerning this takes place every year, for multiple years, yet there’s still not housing or enough services for the homeless. I shared my concern and asked where the data went. I was told the data all goes to the federal government for the decisions.

The Uturn is apart of the Stanislaus County Opioid Coalition meeting. I really am grateful for that opportunity because I get to be a voice of those that do need help. I bring valuable experience and information to the table and hope to help create the systemic change that is so needed in my community. Have a nice day everyone and thank you for your support.

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Little tour of the Oakdale Rescue Mission house located at 131 W. G. St in Oakdale, Ca. This house serves the homeless community with a multitude of services. The Uturn Project will begin Services at

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