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Recovery from a life of deep addiction

Recovery from the depth of a life of deep addiction requires several key components. It does if an individual stands a chance long term. Of course depending on their use, duration and frequency, but for the ones I want to reach, a few things need to happen.

1. Separation from the environment 2. Services tailored 100% to the individual long term 3. Accountability for their actions.

People need to go to jail if they break the law. In a society where that laws of the land provide social civility and safety, those laws need to be upheld. People cannot be allowed to shoot dope in a park where kids should be playing. People can’t be allowed to steal, pillage and destroy. As soon as they hit that door at jail though, they need to immediately get assessed and sent the right away. Doing things like needle exchange, smoke kits, legal trap houses, this to me Really is like pimping and pandering. Anyone who has navigated their way out of addiction and into a quality of life they can wake up happy to, has had to remove the substance and get down to the real causes. Drugs and alcohol are only a symptom. All these programs do is put a band-aid over a bleeding wound. It’s already in crisis mode. How long do you just keep changing band-aids before you take it off and look why it won’t stop..

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