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Attending an infrastructure grant webinar today.

Attending an infrastructure grant webinar today. This is the one. I post my updates on here and I don’t care about hiding my steps to building this because truth is, I don’t want to do this alone. So many people have messaged me and jumped on board this Project behind the scenes that if we opened tomorrow, I’m fully staffed. With the best. Experience and people with passion. People read these and send me the right way. I have made such huge strides in part of this community. Thank you for the foundation guys.

There may be a partnership taking place with a couple of us non-profits. One involved a woman I met 15 years ago and she now is CEO of a place in Sacramento. She has the grant management experience. My vision is really big. The plan is being drawn now. There will be a detox facility, a first chance program, residential treatment for the ones that need that and then the back of the property will have transitional housing. In the transitional housing will be a center dining, kitchen and meeting room and off that will be rooms with individual occupancy to be covid aware. It really is a combination of the very best I saw and experienced in

my years out there. It’s coming together. I know this city needs it and I believe they’re starting to want it now. My town has about 25,000 in it: they’ve been very anti-rehabilitation here. If yo

u build it they will come is what I’ve heard for a year. What they don’t get is that it’s already here. Addiction is taking over every city in America, not just Oakdale.

The kids are really exposed now. That scares me a lot. Especially when I see people making policies that don’t make sense for recovery: I have yet to see one person coming up with these policies who actually went through addition and beat that bitch. It’s cunning. It’s baffling and it’s powerful. The first step is to separate the person from the problem. If they want to stay high, tax payers shouldn’t fund that, I’m sorry. They need to go to jail if they break laws. Held accountable. Streets need to be safe.

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