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The U-Turn Project is a newly registered 501c3 non-profit organization in Oakdale Ca with the mission of providing or connecting recovery services for people with substance use disorders in this area. Modesto has some limited services, but distance and availability is a challenge in this rural area to provide assistance in a timely manner, when an individual wants help for their addiction.


The U-Turn project is in the process of obtaining and providing housing for those who have begun their recovery journey and are in need of housing assistance. The increase in opioid fatalities and the many lives wasted because of active substance abuse requires additional addiction treatment and services which currently just do not exist in this rural area. While we are actively searching for our location, we are providing street outreach and connection of services that there currently are. We are helping get county insurance if the client does not have it, we are providing transportation to and from all assessments and appointments and we help people navigate their way to help. We believe helping to connect to these live saving services would aid a number of individuals to make progress in reinstating a meaningful life.

We are hoping you would support our effort in raising funds for this much needed project in Oakdale Ca. We would appreciate any financial help that you could provide. All donations are tax deductible and would be greatly appreciated. EIN 86-3894291

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Oakdale UTURN Project

PO Box 683

Oakdale Ca 95361


501c3 EIN 86-3894291

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